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Session12 Fieldnotes

(I did a short snapshot of the crowded place at 03.00 am in downtown but the GPS logger had problems, same as in Session 11. Since I had only GPS+audio in mind anyway I will drop this snapshot and maybe try to make a dedicated session on this issue later.)

I went to Serralves and activated all the sensors at this place since meanwhile I am really annoyed when recording the commuting which is always noisy (Metro, Bus, Traffic when walking). I have the impression that I have enough of this “commuting” data therefore I prefer for the moment to do the sessions at the according places without the commuting.
Serralves was interesting because it is really a silent comfort zone within the noisy surroundings. At some places deep inside the park traffic noise is not present. I remarked instead noise of helicopters and high-flying planes. Since I was late and went for a short coffee and the park first, I was not able to get in the museum for free afterwards. If time allows I will do a second session over there.

Especially the same thing happened as in the Saturday sessions, GPS logger did not record which is a pity. To create a virtual tour would be extremly unprecise since cue points are missing (although on a coarse-grained level it could be possible by using the sound of park walking, the farm, parking lot, elevator, museum shop, exit) Disappointing! Now I fear to work with an unstable system and the GPS data is really essential. This night I have to check and test the device …

Session12 GPS data MISSING! (install GoogleEarth to read the .kmz format)


Session12 BIO data


Session12 GHz sound


Session12 URBAN sound



Written by urbansync

October 24, 2008 at 2:22 pm

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