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Praia dos Lavadores

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Session6 Fieldnotes:

ZOOM worked even showing only 1 bar remaining battery power of the NiMh. Session lasted therefore more than 4 hours. Started with Metro than change to 902 to Praia de Lavadores. Get off to the beach, went straight to the ocean and working on slides at a cafe on top of the beach. Receiving 1 SMS and responding. Going back with a Bus from the Gaia transport system to the center of Porto. Going by foot back to the Hotel.

It was not clear how to fix the problems with the GPS download software but I released easyily from this thread. At the bar and in the bus back home when listening to music I felt really good, so pressing the green button.

Session6 GPS data (install GoogleEarth to read the .kmz format)


Session6 BIO data


Session6 GHz sound


Session6 URBAN sound



Written by urbansync

October 17, 2008 at 6:08 pm

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