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Session11 Fieldnotes

I went to Trinidade to take the Metro to Matosinhos to work on the free WiFi over there. I started to practice my portugues lessons using the iPod and the according lessons I have stored as mp3. I was speaking aloud and the kids in the Metro had fun with it. At the beach office I was uploading images via bluetooth, making phone calls at home and I left when the typical crowd of Saturday visitors was too much. Kids + fathers over their laptops and mothers having coffee and reading the newspaper all over the place. Good atmosphere but I stopped after 2hours because of the re-occuring events.

On Sunday I remarked that I lost the GPS data!
There is only 1 point in the GPS data which was received at the Metro station Senhora. I am not sure what has happened to the GPS logger, since the audio track contains the announcment of stops and sounds, one could imagine to reconstruct a virtual GPS trail. Maybe I will do it this way but it will be highlighted as “virtual GPS data”.

Session11 GPS data – CORRUPTED! (install GoogleEarth to read the .kmz format)


Session11 BIO data


Session11 GHz sound


Session11 URBAN sound



Written by urbansync

October 24, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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