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Session1 Fieldnotes

After 30 minutes I decided to put the ZOOM in a side pocket of the daypack. It is just to obvious when recording at my frontside. Few people are irritated by this but I feel like a “spy an unwanted intruder into the private life of people, even that it is public life.” For the smartband it is essential to check frequently its status therefore the blinking lights are ok at daylight and very few people recognize the smartband when wearing a longarm tee. At night it is different since the red-green flashing is recognizable very clearly.
I checked also frequently the GHz-scanner and voice recorder since I had a high tension about loosing data because of low battery power. I hope this gets better of the course of the project. It was not relaxing this time. When I met Fabien it was ok for him to record our conversation and I was able to forget about the situation, being the observer rather than the subject to be observed.
On my way back I was frequently thinking about the effects of the situation at the metro station and in the metro for my different signal scanners, but I show normal behaviour not constructing artificial situations.
I was quite happy to record the last hour in my very own place, the hotel room. Being not observed about my observations by other people felt very comfortable. I have no concerns to collecte my private data, but to intrude into other people’s life feels still strange. Finally I was happy to get rid of both sensorbands since I had the impression to show allergetic reactions against the sensors.

Session1 GPS data (install GoogleEarth to read the .kmz format)


Session1 BIO data


Session1 GHz sound


Session1 URBAN sound



Written by urbansync

October 17, 2008 at 6:10 pm

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