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Session2 Fieldnotes

The starting procedure is now:
– press GPS button + ZOOM H2 button = Exact Starting time GPS
– “Counting aloud 3-2-1 Giga” (pressing the Olympus, Esmog already active)
– “Counting aloud 3-2-1 Bio” (activating both switches at “B”)
The ending procedure is now:
– Stop GPS and ZOOM in parallel
– dont care about the offsets at the end of Biodata
– dont care about the offsets at the end of GHz-Data

I started at CC Stop deep inside the building at 6pm, maybe bad GSM connection. I was walking a little bit to the outside for about 30 minutes and standing around the entry. When the show startet I was inside. After 60minutes from the start of the session I had to remove the footband because it was hurting really bad. I had pleasure walking around then again for 15 minutes or so. When the show was off I had some beer and talkings to 2-3 different people. I left around 8pm and went by foot to the hotel. I was getting WiFi at the reception and worked for 1.5 hours and transferring images via bluetooth to the laptop connected to the Wifi.

Session2 GPS data (install GoogleEarth to read the .kmz format)


Session2 BIO data


Session2 GHz sound


Session2 URBAN sound



Written by urbansync

October 17, 2008 at 6:05 pm

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