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This page contains the description about the usage of the data gathered on my different trips to Europe.

License: The data is licensed under Creative Commons license: Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike.


Open Reality Data Stream: You find 4 different data streams for each of the individual sessions belonging to different cities:

– GPS in (kmz, gpx, CSV)

– Urban Sound as digital audio (mp3)

– Physiological data and context (CSV)

– Sonified Esmog data as digital audio (mp3)

Technical details and synchronization: The session pages contain GPS data in kmz, the Urban Sound was recorded in CD quality but is offered for practical reasons in 128kbps MP3. The GHz sound is offered in 64kbps. The physiological data was captured at 50Hz rate, please remind this when aligning the 4 data streams. Synchronization was achieved by starting the recording of GPS and Urban Sound simultaneously. If you check the audio file you hear me counting in the start of the recording of the physiological data (” 3 2 1 bio”) and the GHz recording (“3 2 1 Giga”). For precise data mining about correlations between the different data streams you have to take according offsets into account.

The physiological and context data: It contains 10 different sensor values, organized as:

“pulse volume”, “good metric marker”, “bad metric marker”, “ambient light”, “magnetometric orientation”, “1st axis accelerometer”, “2nd axis accelerometer”, “3rd axis accelerometer”, “skin temperature”, “skin resistance”.

We provide the raw data without the required smoothing, removal of artefacts, etc.

High Quality Data: If you need the high quality data you should contact me in order to arrange a different method of data transfer -either DVDs via postal service or I try to come to your place with a HD for copying the data-.

Urban Sync in your city?! At the moment of writing the following further cities are on my list. If you are part of a research institution or some arts-related faculty feel free to contact me if you see possibilities to conduct an URBAN SYNC study in your hometown.

– Porto: Finished.

– Barcelona: …

– Berlin: …

– London: …

– Paris: …

– Your fancy hometown: …


Written by urbansync

June 2, 2008 at 9:54 am

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