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BGUE – Sonic Aura Scan – 15 intimate sessions

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I was invited to work with social interactive sound in the context of urban experiences. I thought it could be an interesting idea to create customized highly intimate and personal sonic auras. And it worked beautifully. The procedure which went into practice and resulted in a bidirectional process of exchanging personal details was organized as following

– measure the heartrate by touching people’s wrist

– creating a sonic playback with a pulsing heartbeat sound (based on freesound.org samples)

– inspire people to make a voice-recording in-situ sketching their social profile (based on open social attributes)

– transfer of the resulting sonic micro-piece -the sonic aura- to a portable mp3-player + an active minispeaker

– wrapping this sonic aura hardware around the neck of the visitor

– let people step back into a new customized reality for the rest of the event and beyond

– let things flow and strange spectacles happen

PS I felt like Andy Warhol in his factory without assistants, I produced 15 auras non-stop between 8-11 pm, hard to talk about the details which happened in the box and in my head. I felt the urgent need to update my SaveRocketScience lifestream.


PPS this was brand-sponsored artwork!

Thanks to Luis for empowerment, thanks to Laura for assistance, thanks to the 15!


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November 5, 2009 at 5:42 pm

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