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Wiimote scrubs Urban Sync

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I am a lousy coder … but I dont care. I bought a Wiimote for 39.99 Euro at the local game dealer. I surfed the internet for these well-known patches of Processing code. And I found them. I played around with several existing ways to map the accelerometers of the Wiimote to MIDI or OSC.

You find meanwhile plenty of them. It is not a big deal anymore (although some German artists still call it avantgarde, but this is a different story …)

Using the Wiimote class it is possible to receive OSC data via the DarwiinRemote application and you can fuse this patch with some good old audioscrub patch of Krister Olson, the guy who gave us the ESS library for Processing.

For the rest of the story I leave it up to your creative minds to guess what I currently try to realize … It may take days or weeks since I am a lousy coder. Limited imagination is the only limit.


Written by urbansync

November 17, 2008 at 9:33 pm

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