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I have several ideas and activities on my list for further dissemination of Urban Sync. Since my main working time is now at the Berlin office of DFKI it is easier to do some roadshow for interesting collaborators nearby. Beside giving talks and meeting people and sending follow-up emails, the central point of virtual spread and buzz should be still this blog.

Blog / Website

  • Convert the weblog with pages to a website + blog entries as latest news
  • Add a featured people section with video interviews
  • Add an exhibition section linking to derivative work based on urban sync data


  • Featuring contributors
  • Gathering statements from scientists to artists
  • Lo-Fi approach 3min video discussion, un-edited


  • Berlin: Starting next week, availability of sensor band has to be checked
  • London: I have to ask friends and scientists
  • Barcelona: I will be for 2 days in BCN in January
  • Zuerich: Maybe 2 days in January
  • Northern America: Edmonton?
  • and the extraordinary: ?


  • INESC Multimedia & Telecommuncations group will start soon to work on silence detection
  • DFKI SB will start soon on audio-event clustering/classification
  • Data & Knowledge Engineering group University of Magdeburg should work with audio data
  • DAI Lab TU Berlin could work with different data streams

Art (Further faculties on my wishlist …)

  • UdK Berlin
  • ZhdK Zuerich
  • ZKM / HfG Karlsruhe

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November 13, 2008 at 12:03 pm

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