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Day19: Wrap-up, Backup, Crunch

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Day 19 of my mission. 19 sessions have been recorded. 45 hours of urban sound, sounds in the GHz range, GPS trails any physiological data. 180 hours of data.

Today I am working at INESC to wrap up with Fabien about the things achieved so far and about ideas for next steps. Summer Schools, SMC2009, missions in other cities, improvements of the hardware, software, methodological approach, potential collaborations with academic institutions as well as commercial players, etc. We have already a lot of very concrete points on the list. Good. Very good.

In addition to the wrap-up I am giving a backup of 41.5 GB of data to INESC. They intend to work on it for different purposes. Audio analysis, MIR, sonic interaction design, etc. Fabien takes care of providing the data to the other academic partners at Porto, e.g. UCP- Escola das Artes or Faculdade de Belas Artes on demand. In a couple of minutes I will meet Rui who has already been working on sonifying the biodata.

I am very happy that so many people already start to show interest or work with the data. So much for the dissemination and potential exploitation.

To find more answers to the scientific questions a couple of weeks will be needed in November -back home at DFKI- to crunch the data for the correlations between the different data streams. Since my colleagues at DFKI already did recently data mining of huge data sets with Rapidminer. I am optimistic to get ahead with this issue very soon. Unsupervised clustering of the audio stream will be another issue Christian at the DFKI site in Saarbrücken has promised to work on. And I am looking forward to discuss a little bit with Randy Goebel of University of Alberta about my mission.

PS: Tomorrow is the first day I will take a day-off. No Urban Sync. Just relaxing without digital ego-surveillance. I need it!


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October 24, 2008 at 10:37 am

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