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Day16: Being a professional – Sendo um profissional

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Today is a perfect day for a working session at INESC. I did a recording of the commuting including my professional advices

– for a woman about how to handle the ticket vending machine and

– for my colleague Norbert asking for arrangements at the DFKI office in Berlin.

Audio event classification is one of the interesting applications which could be applied to my huge data collection. Different approaches may result in some semantic lifting of the data. The entire range of unsupervised clustering, trained SVM classification or even very easy tasks such as the detection of silence or outliers. Since I was active in music information retrieval (2002-2006) I still know many of researchers working on such issues. Good frameworks are available which are generic enough to be applied to the Urban Sync data streams.

Just a -not complete(!)- short list:

Audacity: I use this one regularly to check the data I am collecting. Zooming in and out on the audio and visual representations.

Sonic Visualiser: Visualization is really nice, offering tons of options, intelligent plug-ins for audio crunching integrated.

BMAT: The folks in Barcelona with a strong focus on music and cutting-edge commercial audio technology.

ECHONEST: Brian Whitman’s startup that left stealth-mode recently.

Marsyas: Amazing! The good old one originated from G.Tzanetakis Ph.D work, still around, in better shape than ever. A couple of minutes ago I have seen cool demonstration of audio event classification done with Marsayas. Luís Gustavo Martins is the guy telling me about the secrets of the better-than-ever Marsays here in Porto … just 2m away!


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October 21, 2008 at 12:33 pm

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