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Day8: META matters?

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I dont know if you remember but I had been part of a multi-author blog. We started to blog about science and used it as a tool to disseminate our work and scientific life. Hardblogging Scientists. But this was long time ago. The brand was hacked and developed in several directions, even the commercial mainstream dropped in lately …

Anyway Fabien Gouyon – my fabulous scientific host- introduced me to another digital media expert.

Cristina Sá is a researcher working on a Ph.D in the field, she is an artist and teacher. We met here in Porto at Day5 and had some discussions about life and Urban Sync. The digital and the real one. Cristina blogged an excellent wrap-up about this at her faculty’s blog. I am looking forward to continue the discussion about e-suicides, reality-tagging at UCP Artes Digitais soon.

What a wonderful topic to be mediated by the great picture of Day8 (see above).

PS: People at Re:publica 2007 really thought I would glorify technology against digital privacy … puuuuh…


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October 13, 2008 at 7:08 pm

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