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As we may feel – english version (I am nothing without co-workers)

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I am not yet ready for take-off to Porto. As always a lot of things remain to be done. One of my students –Matthias Käppler– finished his diploma thesis about an ANDROID-based application named CAPTCHR. It covers some basic aspects of the URBAN SYNC ideas and we only wait to lay our hands on the long-awaited Google Phone by HTC.

In the meantime I have to write the review for his thesis. And since he has to wait for me he was so kind to do the announced translation of the essay! THANKS! here we go:

In 1945, US-American engineer Vannevar Bush published an essay entitled „As We May Think“. Even today, his work is still considered to be an exceptional blue-print for contemporary software systems that underly our globally interconnected information society. However, it’s the year 2008, and social networks have conquered the living rooms of both adults and our children. The omnipresence of our most private data, which is broadcasted globally by all kinds of devices, has led to an inconsiderate, blatant form of self-promotion. „Goodbye privacy“, the critics warn: an era of „Me-streams“ and „24/7-life-logging“ is proclaimed by its advocates. We are eager users  — Homo ludens, anyone? — however, in which ways this affects us is vaguely known at best: on the edges of ardor and technological criticism, where it overlaps and frays out, silence and emptiness dominate. What will it mean to us, how will we feel in a world where our most private moments are exploited for perfect match-making, et cetera, the list could go on endlessly. Hence, we courageously head for a self-experiment, throw ourselves into prosperous life with full gear, and see what happens …


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September 30, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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