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GPS and the consequences

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Yesterday my iBlue 747 GPS datalogger arrived. After charging the device it went to my bag at 5 pm. I was into several activities: driving home, shopping, picking up kids, driving to a parents meeting at school, driving back home, getting stopped by the police, sleeping, bringing kids to school this morning, driving back to the lab.

This morning I managed to install the PC-based drivers and applications to have a curious first look. And I was really pleased with the results, especially the speed profile was kind of interesting. Scooter, car, walking, sleeping … it was easy to guess when I was using what, except for sleeping there was too much “action” computed. (The height profile could be something interesting for my private usage since I am a lousy cyclist.)

Being a Mac addict I searched the net for USB-drivers and apps supporting the iBlue. Finally I am trying at the moment the GPS Mac Travel Recorder which imports the data over the USB and has several export facilities to CSV, GPX, KML, KMZ. It is terribly slow. In addition I plan to use GPS-Babel and a small gpsplot-script to export to gnuplot.

Anyway I am happy to have a cool setup now for the GPS stuff!


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September 12, 2008 at 11:52 am

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