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I am back in town

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This blog will document my future research activities. I plan to investigate my very personal relationship to the matter of urbanity and quality of life thru a series of personal encounters in major european hotspots.

The methodological approach resembles so-called “techno-sociological in-situ observations”. By technical means I will use portable MP3-recording devices, a smartband to collect biodata and a commodity “esmog” scanner. For sure a GPS tracker will be used to document locative data of my personal journeys and according narratives.

Form an artistic point of view I will be part of an ongoing process trying to find correlates of my personal well-being related to sound and invisible sensory data. Being exposed. Being exposed to technical artefacts while being an addict to traditional values, routines and places.

I am coming back to a small-scale experiment which I conducted in my hometown a year ago, check this lovely interview with my colleague and friend Leo. This is how it all started:


Written by urbansync

May 31, 2008 at 10:21 am